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Role Players 2024

Zeenat Jagmag

Chief Business Officer
Hotcult Pvt. Ltd.

Meet Zeenat, a seasoned strategist and Chief Business Officer (CBO) at Hotcult, your premier destination for South Indian Pop Culture, where we curate trends that shape the industry one step at a time. With over 15 years of expertise, Zeenat has honed her skills through diverse roles at leading media conglomerates such as ScoopWhoop Media, The Walt Disney Company, Star India, and Bloomberg UTV, among others. Recognized for her keen business acumen, Zeenat brings a wealth of insight to Hotcult and will play a pivotal role in shaping and executing Hotcult’s business and marketing strategies. Her role takes on a multi-faceted approach where she adeptly aligns the symbiosis of brand objectives and Hotcult’s creative brilliance in reshaping brand narratives, strategies for effective brand communication, and adapting brands to South Indian values. With her at the helm as CBO, Hotcult is set to continue its journey as a dynamic and influential pop culture player in the ever-evolving advertising world in South India.