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Feedback 2024

Vishal Parekh, Chief Operations Officer, Creative ecom Ventures

The Round Table Discussions organized by you and the team were a perfect blend of debate and knowledge sharing. I have been part of many such discussions but the one organized by WBC turns out to be way different and very well organized. Each topic were very well interconnected and helped to understand perspective from different leaders and from varied industries. The in-between dance therapy did help in icebreaking and liven up the atmosphere.

While overall management and interactions were impeccable, I would like to leave one suggestion as a food for thought. It might be a good idea to have a moderator/ coordinator on each table as I found that a couple of members from my table misinterpreted the discussion point by another member and made a public statement which was harsh and not in good spirit. Also, the time management was missed and we could not reach a consensus (3 key take aways) by the end of it.

Most importantly, thank you for the honour bestowed upon me by including me in the Most Admired Brand Leaders listing.

Satyen Poojary

Hi Dr. Aalok,
The last we met was way before the pandemic!
Since then I have moved on from PowerDrift and have been helping brands and creators build a better digital presence.

Over these years I have developed my expertise in branded content, digital distribution, influencer marketing, gaming and esports and more!
I have recently joined HyperCollective under the wings of advertising legend - KV Sridhar.
My role here involves Branded Content and Innovation.

I would love to be of any assistance in upcoming seminars and roadshows. Today, a lot of brands are curious or navigating gaming, content, and influencer activations. As one of the pioneers in the space, I would love to contribute to their journey.

Happy to reconnect!

Abhimanyu Jha,Founder/ Strategy / Automation

Hi Aalok / Laxmi,
Writing this mail to convey my heartfelt appreciation to you and Bhatia Sir for organizing a quite stimulating and fruitful 'top brand leaders' event on 14th.
It was good to be part of a discussion that illuminated interesting and diverse views on sustainability from fellow marketing professionals.
Look forward to being a part of more such events in the future.