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Role Players 2024

Vishesh Sharma

Chief Marketing Officer
Bajaj Broking

A FinTech Marketeer, striving to make financial ecosystem inclusive for millennials!

Vishesh is one of the few esteemed journalists who have reached the stature of Chief Marketing Officer within a short span of time. Throughout his journey, he has focused on a delightful customer experience thereby leading to customer retention, acquisition of new customers, monetization, and profitability. He has flawlessly merged data & technology into marketing team to nail down clear communication and elevate efficiency when identifying customers’ journeys and creating GTM strategies.

An accomplished marketing professional, Vishesh has vast experience across diverse marketing fields, including brand communication, content marketing, corporate communications, reputation management, product marketing, public affairs, and financial education.

From launching world’s first financial movies platform, a purely content marketing-led product, to successfully delivering a rebranding campaign with a PR-first approach, Vishesh has carved out successful brand-building strategies for multiple businesses.

He strongly believes that 3Vs (Voice, Vernacular, and Videos) are the key pillars that will potentially define his legacy over next 10 years.