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Role Players 2024

Varad Laghate

Associate Vice President
ASK Investment Managers Ltd.

With over 12 years of work experience in the BFSI sector, this Digital Marketer brings extensive expertise to the table, encompassing performance marketing, acquisition, SEO, digital analytics, social media, and UI/UX. Across various professional roles, he has held responsibility for key areas, including customer acquisition, enhancing the digital user journey, boosting user engagement and digital asset transactions, as well as formulating strategies for performance and brand campaigns.
His approach consistently integrates consumer insights and data analytics to pave the way for successful deliverables. An unwavering commitment to exploring innovative methods of connecting with consumers characterizes his work.
This unwavering passion for the digital marketing domain fuels his status as a perpetual learner. Beyond his professional commitments, he dedicates spare time to mentoring digital marketing enthusiasts, underlining his commitment to sharing knowledge and nurturing the next generation of marketing professionals.