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Role Players 2024

Sujata Garud

Senior Director - Marketing
Orion Innovation

A branding & marketing professional with 17 years of experience, Sujata Garud is a Senior Director of Marketing at Orion Innovation, a leader in digital transformation and product development services. She has demonstrated proficiency across diverse functions, including creative design, digital marketing, Public Relations, Analyst Relations and marketing technology. In her role, Sujata leads a team of creative and skilled brand marketers deeply committed to delivering innovative and impactful digital projects.

Sujata's notable achievements include pioneering a marketing technology ecosystem within the organization and launching cloud-based, secure, and accessible digital apps and websites. Her strategic initiatives have successfully elevated the corporate brand. Additionally, she takes pride in establishing a team of proficient MarTech professionals and implementing a cohesive brand strategy.

A forward-thinking professional, Sujata is a curious learner and enthusiast looking for ways to integrate emerging trends and opportunities in her marketing space. She endeavors to leverage cutting-edge technologies, especially Gen AI to not only foster brand salience but also create a positive social impact.