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Role Players 2024

Srishti Sawhney

Founder and CEO
Celebrity Quotient

Srishti has three decades of strong marketing and brand-building expertise in diverse product categories, industries and work cultures.
Srishti has just authored her first book “Branding in the Digital Age” a must-read book for anyone looking to succeed in the digital age.
Fascinated with the power of digital marketing, she is excited about working with brands to help them achieve their business objectives in this new world. Someone who has managed brands as a marketeer, a mainline advertising professional and a digital marketeer. Srishti’s width and depth of experience span expertise in launching, building and transforming brands across Fashion & Lifestyle, Personal Care, Skin Care, Food, Retail Apparel, Wine & Spirits, FMCG, Airlines and Luxury Automotive; where she spearheaded business strategy, marketing, and P&L.
Born and educated in New Delhi, Srishti currently lives and works in Mumbai. An avid reader, Srishti enjoys an active lifestyle with daily Pilates and frequent mountain hikes. The Monkey, by the Chinese horoscope, Srishti is all Yin. She likes beautiful things: aromatherapy, karmic healing, artistic yoga, sushi and Ben Affleck. And amid all her professional and personal activities she loves spending time with pets and nature.
Managing international brands and global businesses, in India, spent at large agencies like McCann, JWT, Leo Burnett and Dentsu Y&R. Her career was carefully colour-coded to handle some major Big Red Brands – Colgate, Coca–Cola, Air Canada, Leo-Mattel, Nescafe, Bacardi, Perfetti and Airtel in India. Srishti was instrumental in the launch and strategic market entry of brands like Bacardi, Colgate Total, Sprite, Georgia Coffee and Diet Coke, in India. After a successful journey handling and launching major FMCG brands as an Agency senior, Srishti made a lateral shift to Marketing on the Client and OEM side, symbolic of how much she believes in challenging her capabilities and growth potential.
Key Strengths:
Energetic, enthusiastic & gutsy, once seen and never forgotten, she makes things happen.

A team player to the core, people relax easily in her presence. Known to be a hands-on leader with the ability to influence change; her key strengths include strategic thinking, and multi-tasking to make people deliver. Not only capable and welcoming but immensely driven to succeed with a dash of perfectionism, just to make sure everything is right.

Her key strength lies in the ability to build and scale up businesses on the sustainable foundation of strong, motivated teams, business relationships and efficient processes.

Srishti takes immense interest in encouraging women's leadership – empowering and encouraging women to take on leadership roles and eventually break the glass ceiling.

Today, as a Marketing and Branding consultant, Srishti works with CEOs and owners of fast-growing organizations, to help them navigate through challenges and opportunities in an uncertain world. She assumes an operating role in the client’s organization and works hands-on to deliver real-time, measurable, incremental value. As a mentor and advisor, she is guiding them in incubating new ideas, initiatives and ventures that bring in growth. This overcomes the two biggest barriers, slow speed, and people working in silos, and leads to unified action within the company.