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Role Players 2024

Somenath Nag

Senior Vice President - Corporate Strategy, Sales & Marketing
Calsoft Inc.

Somenath Nag serves as the Senior Vice President at Calsoft Inc., bringing a wealth of expertise in corporate strategy, strategic brand positioning and marketing innovation to the company. With an illustrious career in the technology sector, Somenath has been a driving force behind Calsoft Inc.'s Growth initiatives, elevating the company's market presence and global reach.

In a career spanning over 25 years, Somenath has worked for leading technology companies like Alten, Infogain, and Mindtek in different capacities.

Known for his dynamic leadership and keen market insights, Somenath has successfully crafted and executed impactful corporate and marketing strategies, contributing to Calsoft Inc.'s sustained growth and industry recognition. His proficiency in leveraging digital platforms, market research, and brand development has played a pivotal role in establishing Calsoft Inc. as a leading player in the competitive technology landscape.

Somenath Nag's commitment to excellence and his ability to align marketing efforts with overall business objectives makes him an invaluable asset to Calsoft Inc., where he continues to lead the charge in shaping the company's marketing success.