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Role Players 2024

Shweta Papriwal

Vice President - Marketing, Content and Corporate Communications
BlinkX by JM Financial

Shweta Papriwal is a seasoned marketing and content specialist with a proven track record spanning over 18 years within the Indian Financial Services domain. Shweta's journey is a testament to her exceptional organizational skills, adept communication, and a proven track record of effective coordination, all deeply rooted in the world of marketing and content. Her accomplishments extend to strategic content planning and idea development, where her innovative insights have reshaped marketing strategies. Shweta excels in seamlessly managing diverse teams, fostering a collaborative spirit that transcends traditional boundaries within the marketing landscape.
At the heart of her specialization is a profound understanding of the marketing landscape. Shweta's forte includes a deep insight into digital marketing, where she has thrived in navigating the ever-evolving online terrain. Her strategic content planning and editorial strategies have earned her recognition as a visionary in the industry.
Her capabilities extend into the realm of content, enabling her to craft impactful corporate communications. Her leadership skills shine as she guides her teams to unprecedented marketing success, ensuring every project is executed with precision. She is also known for her ability to enhance brand credibility and positioning through CXO profiling.
Shweta brings compelling narratives to life, turning concepts into captivating visual stories. Her knack for effective internal and external communications adds a touch of excellence to every project, ensuring that every message resonates with its intended audience. Her journey in the Marketing vertical, coupled with her expertise in the Content sphere, sets a benchmark for innovation, strategy, and a relentless dedication to driving marketing success.