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Role Players 2024

Sandeep Abraham

President - Sales
Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.

Mr. Sandeep Abraham has been the alumni of IIM Nagpur Currently Heading President in sales for Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. with over 30+ years of unparalleled expertise in Sales & Marketing Operations within the Building Materials Industry, He is a seasoned senior management professional specializing in multifaceted domains.

Mr. Sandeep Abraham spans Brand Positioning, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Product Management, and the adept implementation of sales and marketing strategies. His leadership extends to P&L Supply Chain, Commercial Policy formulation, and effective Team Hiring & Training.

A strategic visionary, Mr. Sandeep Abraham excels in tapping new accounts to augment profitable revenues and bolster the bottom line. He acumen in market analysis ensures a nuanced understanding of market share dynamics, leading to impactful strategies that drive organizational success. Renowned for stakeholder delight, he is a specialist in channel management, fostering robust relationships for sustained growth. With an innovative and initiative-driven management approach, Mr. Sandeep Abraham consistently contributes to the continuous advancement of companies, ensuring enduring success and market leadership. Mr. Sandeep Abraham Experienced event juror with a keen eye for excellence. Contributed judgment to numerous occasions, ensuring fairness and quality outcomes.

Mr. Sandeep Abraham been the Speakers in various institutes inspire, educate, and facilitate discussions, fostering a dynamic learning environment, where he shares expertise, shaping diverse technique & perspectives.