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Role Players 2024

Sajin Nair

Deputy General Manager
Aspire Systems

With over two decades of experience in tech-marketing within the IT software and services sector, Sajin Nair exemplifies expertise in various capacities, ranging from demand generation to roles in both sales and marketing.

His instrumental contributions significantly propelled a company's growth, amplifying its revenue from USD 30 million to over 100 million. Notably, he played a crucial role in an edtech firm's triumphant entry into the competitive US hitech industry, culminating in the company's successful acquisition.

Sajin Nair's achievements extend beyond corporate success; he has received prestigious accolades such as the 2 AVA Gold, 1 Hermes Creative Platinum awards, and recognition as one of the Most Admired Marketing Leaders by the World Marketing Congress.

In addition to corporate accomplishments, he underscores his marketing expertise by self-publishing two books, cementing his reputation as a seasoned professional in the field.