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Role Players 2024

Reema Punjabi

Chief Marketing Officer

As the CMO at Algomage, I am privileged to be at the forefront of an innovative AI-powered image post production platform. My name is Reema, and with passion for creating captivating brand identities, I am dedicated to generating revenue and spearheading business growth. I bring extensive experience from various industries including travel, media, entertainment, and IT. This diverse background allows me to bring knowledge expertise to the table, enabling me to build powerful marketing strategies that resonate with our target audiences. Making a brand identity and having a hig brand recall is what I strive to achieve. I firmly believe that maintaining a strong and consistent brand image is the key to success. By leaving an indelible mark on customers' minds, we can ensure long-term success and growth. Algomage continues to revolutionize the way businesses approach image post production. We are a suite of AI applications that automate image selection, editing and sharing. Something that used to take 2-3 weeks to do manually can be done in under 48 hours with our tech. It is challenging and fulfilling to be a part of a platform that is life changing and time saving, both for professional photographers.