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Role Players 2024

Rajesh Radhakrishnan

CMO & Co-Founder
Vritti Solutions Ltd.

Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, CMO & Founder of Vritti Group of Companies is an expert having unique combination of immense technical knowledge and a deep passion for media business. Having done his Masters in Marketing and specialization in Digital Marketing services from IIM-Lucknow, he has brought an innovative fusion of media and technology on Vritti’s menu of offerings. Rajesh has worked with big names like Wipro, Satyam and Patni Computers for their sales, marketing and brand management. Mindwave Media, the 360 Degree Digital Arm of Vritti Group is his brain. Nobody knows the importance of rural marketing in India like he does! He has always promoted Rural Marketing, Outdoor Advertising, BTL Activation, Audio Advertisements through Audiowala Bus Stand, Brand Management and Digital Marketing services. With his 28+ years of experience, he is still playing strong in the Media & IT business and assures to take the business at a global level.