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Role Players 2024

Raisa Kazi

Heaf of Marketing
Alyve Health

Raisa Kazi is a brand enthusiast with over 18 years of experience in digital marketing and 360 strategic brand management. In her past stints, she has worked with renowned companies such as Ogilvy, Contract, People Infocom, Vserv, 5nance, 5paisa, and Liminal Custody Solutions. Executed over 3500 campaigns and worked on over 80 brands globally.

Building and managing brands in Creative & Media Channels, FoodTech, FinTech, Web3, and Health Tech has enhanced her product understanding, business edge, market techniques, and consumer insight knowledge, which helped deliver award-winning results. She continuously contributes to shaping the online presence of businesses, driving traffic, generating leads, managing public relations, and ultimately contributing to building a strong brand presence and affinity.

She has managed brands and campaigns across the globe naming, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philipines, Hong Kong, Europe, Dubai, South Africa, and Australia

Her core expertise is building brand awareness, driving engagement, creative execution, user acquisitions, content marketing, social media management, consumer research, website management, PR, and digital media promotions.

She was born and brought up in Mumbai and has completed her executive MBA from S PJain School of Global Management specializing in Marketing. She has delivered over 16 award-winning campaigns and case studies for various brands across the globe. She recently won the “Outstanding Leadership in Marketing” award hosted by Marketing 2.0 conference.