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Role Players 2024

Gunnidhi Sareen

Vice President - Marketing
Head Digital Works

Gunnidhi, a seasoned marketing strategist and visionary leader, possesses a remarkable track record of driving scalable accelerated growth and elevating brands towards sustained leadership His expertise extends into the realm of phygital marketing , where he as earned a reputation for profound understanding of customers and the skill to harness data for crafting strategic growth blueprints In his role at Head Digital Works, he is spearheading the brand and marketing efforts to build a superior & loved gaming brand in the country and drive trust and credibility amongst the customers by shaping a strong Responsible Gaming narrative in the industry and thereby, carving a space for the brand that is uniquely positioned to win in the market
Other notable highlights include the remarkable ascent in the market share for Airtel in his role as the Marketing Head for Bengal and the National Broadband growth story in his subsequent role