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Role Players 2024

Angana Chatterjee

Head of Marketing

Angana is a dynamic marketing leader with nearly a decade of experience in the B2B SaaS industry. She currently spearheads the marketing division at Locobuzz, a digital customer experience management platform.

Angana embarked on her entrepreneurial voyage at 19 and swiftly made her mark. She seamlessly transitioned from her entrepreneurial success into the corporate world, initially joining a tech company as a Marketing Manager. With rapid strides, she took charge of the marketing division at HyperTest, a prominent test automation company in India. Simultaneously, she also holds a directorial position in a Pune-based tech firm.

Angana is a recurring speaker at business and leadership events where she shares insights on women's entrepreneurship and the evolving business landscape. She is also a recurring mentor at IIT-Bombay, eCell where she has groomed many/se budding startups. Notably, she was honoured with prestigious awards including the Eastern India Leadership Award.