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Role Players 2024

Amit Kumar

Sr. Director of Marketing
Netradyne Technology

With a diversified decade and a half professional background primarily within IBM and Oracle, Amit Kumar has garnered experience in various sales and marketing capacities, both on a global and regional scale. At present, he serves as the head of international marketing for Netradyne Technology, a dynamic start-up specializing in fleet safety technology solutions. Amit is deeply committed to constructing enduring brands that thrive on trust, utilizing new-age martech tools.

He has actively contributed to several start-up ventures, playing a pivotal role in establishing and expanding their marketing functions, thereby delivering value beyond conventional marketing metrics. His expertise extends beyond traditional marketing KPIs, focusing on strategic contributions that significantly benefit business objectives.

Recognized for his industry insights and expertise, Amit is a sought-after speaker at distinguished forums such as The Economic Times, CII, FICCI, and numerous others.