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Abhimanyu Jha


ABHIMANYU JHA ( is a startup founder, bestselling novelist, songwriter/composer, singer and marketing award winner. An IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad alumnus, he is the founder of SabPaisa (, a fast growing fintech platform that is among the few payment aggregators licensed by Reserve Bank of India. SabPaisa has more than 1500 clients and close to 90 employees and serves multiple large universities, govt bodies and private sector players in the country. Abhimanyu is also the founder of Toomak Toomak (, a music/dance production company as well as the songwriter/composer, singer and producer of multiple songs/music videos. Besides that, he is the author of two paperback novels, the first of which became a bestseller selling more than 35000 copies across India. He was also chosen among the 100 most influential marketing leaders in India in the year 2016 by World Marketing Congress and is a regular speaker at events like Global Fintech Fest.
Currently, Abhimanyu resides in Noida and uses his spare time to create Hindi/Punjabi songs and write science-fiction and romance as well as non-fiction on AI, physics and evolutionary biology.