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We live in interesting times . While the western economies arebouncing back to positive curve, emerging market currencies seem to be tumbling into an abyss, with India leading the pack. Many analysts are already equating it to payment crisis situation of early 90's. This surely puts immense pressure on businesses and even more so on CMOs in these corporations.

Enduring & sustaining the value of brands is never more important than in downturns – CMOs are being challenged by their Boards to lead the organization through their superior understanding of markets and customers, but at the same time to pare down spends and demonstrate measurable impact from marketing investments. It has been an age old predicament for marketers to walkthe tight rope of short term visible results and evolving the brand for the long term- many a successful marketers have achieved this by executing even the short term tactics with strategic intent, which abets and ploughs back into the value of the brand. Today technology offers itself to CMOs as an unparalleled ally in decodingthe customer mind, serving them across multi-channels and communicating with them with real time interactive feedback.

In the new unified world, where the pervasive forces of internet and social media have democratized information like never before, it is critical that a brand is sensitive to social and ecological issues. This entails, among others, health and safety issues resulting from direct or indirect product use (consumption level), the conditions under which a particular product is produced (production level) and the physical protection and well-being of people at work (i.e. employees as well as workers within the supply chains). Brands today, have to adhere to the triple bottom line of ecological (environmental), social (equity), and financial (economic) sustainability. The more positive the perceptions and feelings are towards a brand, the higher will be its likelihood to differentiate from the clutter and endear itself to the customer. It is therefore imperative for brands to take a comprehensive and responsible view of the overall environment to become a sustainable Brand today.

World Brand Congress event this year is designed to educate, engage and inspire marketing Leaders and professionals in their pursuit of sustainable brand value. Seeking to enhance professional development skills in the areas that are most relevant to the marketing community today - these conferences and workshops will provide hands-on, skill–building experiences for the brand, research, digital and design community. You'll find a full year's worth of thought-provoking, insightful, and tangible ideas to support in your journey of excellence in marketing – plus be able to discuss them in depth with speakers and peers throughout the three days !

I look forward to see you at the event this year.
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